Depot Book, Biography of a Restaurant

Depot: Biography of a Restaurant

(With 70 Recipes)

Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar, Al’s iconic restaurant, celebrates New Zealand’s generosity and informality with its genuine, no-fuss approach to eating and dining out. In this book, Al shares all the recipes this humble little eatery has become famous for, as well as in-depth commentary on what makes this restaurant so successful.

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CLOSED 24-26th Dec

OPEN from 4pm 27th-31st Dec

CLOSED 01st - 12th Jan

Business as usual Tuesday 13th Jan


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Yep we have 'em.

You can pick one up from the restaurant anytime or give us a call and we'll send one out.




Amazing Havana coffee, delicious bacon and egg doonas, toasted muesli or fresh warm beignets.

A great day starter.

From 7am till 10.45am daily.

About Depot

There’s an energy and passion about Depot. Not overly precious or pretentious – just fast, fun and fresh.

The perfect place to drop in and refuel. It’s chef Al Brown’s place and reflects perfectly his attitude towards food: in season, beautifully cooked, to be enjoyed with friends. Al’s joined by Kyle Street and Andrew Mackle  in the kitchen and Joe Williams and Nick Gallagher out the front.

Most of the cooking is over charcoal or hard wood so there’s a real succulence to the flavours. Order a selection of small plates and pass them round. Try the freshly shucked oysters. Then there’s the wine list – small, but perfectly formed, with many of Al’s top picks. Park yourself up.

Coffee served every day from 7am.


Getting a Table


We have no reservations, which also applies to groups.

Tables frequently turn over, so you wont go home with a rumbling belly!

There can be prolonged wait times for our larger tables though - the largest of which seats 10. Be early!

Celebrating? Sorry you can't bring in your own cakes but fear not, we can stick a candle in most things and can even slap a message up on our blackboard - drop us a line here.

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Featured Recipe

Harissa marinated lamb ribs.

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